"Bhutan is the crossroad upon which your spirit meets your physical world, and asks you to reflect upon what is really true for you.  If you allow the intrinsic spirit of Bhutan to reach deep within your soul, you will find a peace and joy that lives within you.  All you have to do is be there with the people and country to touch this inner sanctum. 

Bhutan is more than just the prayer flags and pray wheels, it is the heartbeat of a time lost to the Western World.  A heartbeat that renews itself every time you spin a prayer wheel or fly a prayer flag.  Bhutan takes you on a journey within.  All you have to do is be there."

Julianne 11/11  

Imagine a kingdom where happiness is paramount, where culture and tradition remain intact and where Buddhism has predominated since the 7th century.

This country is Bhutan, the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’. Step inside a mystical kingdom floating high amongst the clouds in the Himalayas, a place often romantically referred to as the Last Shangri-la.  

Enter a land of ancient customs and traditional culture, of tiny temples perched high on mountain tops, of majestic fortresses built thousands years ago rising up to the sky and of soaring mountain peaks.

Bhutan is a tiny Buddhist country perched between India and Tibet and with over 70% of the country covered in virgin forest and spectacular views of the Eastern Himalayan mountain range, it boasts some of the  world's most dramatic scenery.

The Kingdom has maintained its traditional Buddhist way of life for centuries and the rugged, unspoiled, mountainous terrain has nurtured numerous  ethnic groups within its remote, protective folds.


These distinct cultural and linguistic traditions continue to this day, uninfluenced by the outside world. Occupied by high mountain valleys between China to the north and India to the south, Bhutan has long been a mystery to the West.

It is a country steeped in tradition and despite periods of great change, it has successfully managed to preserve much of its ancient culture. To this day, people continue to wear traditional dress and observe ancient customs. They are charming, warm and gracious and their generous hospitality makes a lasting impression on all who visit.

We are one of the few invited visitors into this beautiful country and our exclusive experience highlights the scenic magnificence within the spiritual heartlands of Bhutan. 

We take you on a magical journey across the western & central provinces, weaving through the Bumthang region of the Drukpa people, following the trail of Guru Rinpoche, the revered saint who bought Buddhism to Bhutan. 

Join us for a truly magical journey that will touch your heart and joyously transform the way you see your world. Go now... before the rest of the world finds out!


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 Journeys of the Spirit supports this Soroptimist International of  Western Australia project by delivering red beanies and scarves  on each of our journeys to Bhutan. If you would like to  contribute to this project in any way, please contact us

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