Kumano Kodo ~ Japan

4 - 16 November 2019 ~ guided by Peter 

We begin this journey in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, and then venture to Koyasan, the spiritual heart preparing you for a stunning journey showcasing Japan at its natural best.

For centuries people have walked the Kumano Kodo in the Kii mountains – a 1200 year old network of trails that pass cedar forests, cascading waterfalls, spectacular valleys and tiny villages – knowing that this journey can bring peace and contentment.

Anchored by three magnificent Shinto shrines dedicated to nature, the Kumano Kodo is one of only two UNESCO World Heritage walking routes in the world.

We spend 8 days immersed on this spectacular trail walking to your own rhythm, staying in stunning small traditional ryokan inns all with private onsens – hot natural mineral springs - that will soothe your soul, plus delicious food…and so much more.