Kerala, India - Ayurvedic Retreat

The World of Ayurvedic Healing Works Wonders...

An experience two of our guests will never forget ~

"Not having ever travelled India before and being a typical middle class traveller - I like a flushing toilet, hot and cold water shower and vermin-free bedding - I sought an organised tour for my Kerala adventure. I found a company called Journeys of the Spirit, created by Julie Baker.

Julie has been going to Kerala for 10 years so when we arrived at our retreat, we were greeted warmly and promptly, then taken to our individual air conditioned en suite rooms.

Kerala is the birthplace of Ayurvedic medicine, an ancient Indian practice that treats not just the physical aspects of a person, but also the emotional and spiritual.

The grounds on our retreat were amazing. It was a tropical lush paradise, tended to by a group of women in orange saris who watered, pruned and nurtured hundreds of plants and trees across the grounds. Just the setting alone was enough to make you relax back a gear or two.

The resort is situated high on a hill amongst tropical groves and herb gardens overlooking the soft sandy beaches and warm waters of the Arabian Sea. Accommodation was in cottages separated by gardens and from my outdoor area I could sit and watch the local fishermen below, pulling in their nets, gaze at stunning sunrises and sunsets, sleep in a hammock under the pergola or I could swim in the warm pool or go to a yoga class.Our first morning of the two week retreat we met with our Ayurvedic doctor, whom we would meet with every morning of our stay.

We were given our personally tailored program of specific foods, herbal supplements, meditation,yoga and ancient Ayurvedic treatments. These treatments ranged from having your whole body treated by two therapists with bundles of herbs wrapped in muslin clothes dipped in oil, to two masseurs working on you from top to bottom using their hands and feet, elbows and arms, having a line of warm oil drizzled continuously across your forehead from left to right, sending you in the deepest state of relaxation.

The effect of all this treatment over a fourteen day period was noticed mostly for me on the emotional level. There were times that while I was receiving the massage emotion would well up without any particular memory, the tears would just run down my face with a bitter-sweet feeling. Physically the body just becomes soft, open and free of all aches and pains and stiffness.

After the massages and the great company, the main attraction was the food!  We each received a long list of meals recommended for our body type, in the restaurant we would order our meal from the list and it would be freshly cooked, deliciously satisfying and including lots of tropical fruits.The food was amazing - it was flavoursome, fragnant and filling. I would have never have thought the vegetables could be cooked in so many different ways and taste so good.

Some in our group did a bit of exploring around the surrounding towns and villages but for me the intensity of the treatment and the heat and humidity of southern India was such that I just happily lazed about without any desire to venture out, except for a couple of brief shopping outings.
The Ayurvedic experience is one I would highly recommend to anyone interested in an exotic holiday that will revive and restore your mind, body and soul."

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