Spirit of the Land ~

Western Australia Retreat

Connect in to the Spirit of the Land at the stunning Moondyne Country Retreat, which is surrounded by pristine state forest on all four boundaries. Located in Lower Chittering, it has breathtaking views down to the Avon River and across the valleys of the Avon National Park.  Kangaroos, kookaburras, emus, cockatoos, ancient lemon scented eucalypt trees, brightly coloured wattles ~ Australian native bush at its best.

Explore this beautiful 1800-acre property and its peaceful surrounds.

In this video below, Amanda shares with you how this amazing experience allows time & space to reconnect in a nourishing and inspirational environment.

Join us for either of these weekends

for just $670 per person

Friday 17 May at 4pm - Sunday 19 May at 2pm

Friday 18 October at 4pm - Sunday 20 October at 2pm

The benefits you will receive include;

- A BodyTalk session - communicating with your subconscious to release and rebalance your whole being. Resynchronising and re-establishing the lines of communication within your whole being.

- Moving meditation through bush walking and dance.

- Discovering or rediscovering the heart centred process. Bring yourself back into the moment and into connection with your heart centre.

- Grounding with Mother Earth.

- Creating your own sacred space.

- Explore your creative side in nature, just for the fun of it!

- Plenty of time and space for you to BE.

Join us on this very special retreat with the wonderful Amanda.  As this is a very personalised experience, we only have a small amount of cabins available, so if you are interested to find out more, contact Amanda on 0405 344 149 or email info@amandahobleynaturopath.com.au


"The beautiful Bhutanese people...and through the eyes of our very wise guide - Nidup - what a treasure, what a gift he was."
– Michelle