Proposed 2020

Uluru ~ Aboriginal Australia

It is silence and solitude that give us the space to think, act, and play "catch up" with our mind, body and soul.

Our inner silence, once strong enough, can be sustained in any situation including the ongoing busyness and noise that continues to surround us.


Our Uluru journey connects with our Australian red hearted centre in a way that is honouring of our aboriginal heritage, and at the same time centres and grounds us in such a deep and soulful way.

You will learn and apply key universal principles which will empower you to manage emotions and master your mind with silence survival strategies and guided meditations to enhance your life.

Touch the silence within...reflect, rejuvenate and reconnect with yourself in the spiritual heart of Australia. It will be a journey of self-discovery or simply to relax and rest your thoughts…

The content of this journey will reveal itself soon.     


"After the massages and the great company, the main attraction was the food!"