Please feel free to read about a very personal sound wave journey experienced by one of our friends...

"Something deep inside me shifted & I regained a sense of balance and peace which has remained."
– J. Johnson
"Feeling spiritually awakened, very positive and optimistic."
– Tina G
"I thought before I left it was just about the massages. But it was so much more than that."
– Georgia M
"I so enjoyed the peace, relaxation, indulgence, time for myself and being pampered."
– Shelley K
"Felt deeply nurtured."
– Janet
"Thank you Julie it has been a truly delightful and fulfilling experience and one I hope to repeat."
– C Pearce
"Food was fantastic. Service wonderful always smiling and accommodating. Location is amazing, perfect for rest and recharging."
– Gill CD
"Thanks Julie, it was an amazing experience that I will cherish always."
– E.P.
"I have reconnected with my “true” self and feel completely alive … not shutdown."
– S Rowley
"My nicest surprise was that I laughed again and I whole heartedly meant it. It wasn’t an effort, it was spontaneous and I loved it."
– E.P.
"I wasn’t expecting the wow factor, the retreat itself, the sounds, nature and the ‘bliss’ over and over and over again."
– S.R.
"I want to return home with this feeling of joy and gratitude for everything!"
– G. Clark
"Feel pampered on all levels, yet left alone when appropriate."
– S. van Noort
"…I don’t think we were prepared for how breathtaking the views were and how stunning the location for yoga…"
– Bali Yoga Retreat September 2001
"The treatments in particular were just an “out of this world” experience. The facility and the attention to detail of staff contributed to masking it a great experience. The manner in which you, Julie, seem to have things run smoothly was very much appreciated. Your personal touch to the experience complimented the attention of the retreat staff."
– Maria P
"Yes… I finally learnt how to relax!"
– Christa K
"As far as I’m concerned the retreat was faultless!"
– Marnie
"Lots of fun and much needed laughter."
– CK
"The retreat was delivered exceptionally professionally. Thanks for everything!"
– Jill D.
"Some in our group did a bit of exploring around the surrounding towns and villages, but for me I was just happily lazed about without any desire to venture out, except for a couple of brief shopping outings."
– Anne
"What I liked most about the retreat was feeling benefits of slowing down."
– JD
"I had not expected to slip so quickly and completely intro such a hedonistic lifestyle."
– L Fisher
"I’ve experienced a lot of massages from different therapists in the past, but nothing like what I experienced in Kerala…"
– A.D.
"What I liked most about the retreat was its beauty, friendliness and freedom to choose."
– Christine H
"I was surprised at the early release of tension and anxiety and the subsequent feeling of calmness."
– M.P.
"After the massages and the great company, the main attraction was the food!"
"To come away, relax and unwind - give my body & soul the nuturing that isn't always possible at home. "
– S.
"The way it made me feel in every way, I've never been so relaxed and in love with life before in my life.

– K.C.
"Yes. I feel so much more grounded, aware & relaxed than when I first arrived. It had reminded me to stop and re-evaluate what is important in my life. Sarah's guidance & wisdom is invaluable.
– S.
"Our meal times were therapy in itself and to be part of a special group of intelligent, caring, beautiful ladies is such an honour."
– Win.
"The beautiful Bhutanese people...and through the eyes of our very wise guide - Nidup - what a treasure, what a gift he was."
– Michelle
"I'll continue to keep Bhutan in my heart and knowing I can go there whenever I want as the peace this country has given me will forever be within me. "
– Shelley